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The Technical-Α.Kosmidis Brokerage & Partners is a company with experience both in real estate services and in construction, renovations of residences, shops and offices. It consists of experienced engineers, decorators, designers, while maintaining long-term partnerships with leading vendors and artisans, contractors in the region.
The Technical-Α.Kosmidis Brokerage & Partners undertakes the construction - renovation of private and public projects. Our experience guarantees high quality of construction, to find optimal technical solutions and ensures adherence to the schedule and the project budget.
The company provides comprehensive solutions for every requirement in the construction, giving priority to quality, speed and responsibility.
When 60-year professional course of the Technical-Kosmidis Brokerage & Associates. It has undertaken construction - numerous renovations projects which fall into the following main categories:
1. Housing and Residential Complex 
2. Office Buildings - Bank Branches 
3. Malls and Stores 
4. Food Stores and Supermarkets 
5. Hotels - Tourist Accommodation 
6. Country House 
7. Renovations - restoration of traditional buildings 
8. Special Technical Projects
The Technical-Α.Kosmidis Brokerage & Associates provides comprehensive consulting services in the field of property (real estate) with offices in Thessaloniki and partner network in Athens, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, Crete and Rhodes.
Long-term experience is a guarantee towards the provision of high quality services for dependability, speed and flexibility.
The company structure and staffing with qualified personnel allow the multifaceted involvement in real estate issues in the residential, commercial, business and industry, such as: 
1. Research and land analysis 
2. Mediation and negotiating sale and rental 
3. Real estate management and development projects 
4. real estate investments - maximize value and performance properties 
5. Consulting services on development and property management
The methodology of the company includes: 
1. Promote estate (package information / brochures estate, massive promotion to potential buyers and real estate agencies, ad posting on site, publications in selected forms, signs) 
2. Finding real estate (research in the local real estate market and the company's personnel file, cooperation with real estate agencies, publications in selected forms)

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